Day 1
30 Nov 2023

ChatGPT and the Impact on R&D Processes and Manufacturing

Operational Efficiency: Understand how ChatGPT can streamline R&D processes, from hypothesis generation to data analysis, thereby accelerating time-to-market and reducing operational costs. Knowledge Extraction: Learn how ChatGPT can serve as...
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Massimo Buonaiuto

How Digital Tools Can Help to Mitigate the R&D Ambidexterity Challenge

Ambidextery. Immune Therapy. Digitalisation. Integration & Modularisation.
Silvio Weber

Empowering Innovation: Hitting the Sweet Spot! A Practical Guide to Use of R&D Metrics

What are the drivers of Innovation Performance? How can we measure these drivers, some qualitative and quantitative metrics. Tips and tricks to roll out a suite of innovation metrics in...
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Marcus Chambers
10:45 - 11:15

Networking Sessions / Coffee break

Methodologies for Innovation: Agile Tools and Technologies for Continuous Improvement and Enhanced Collaboration

Discover how Agile methodologies can transform an organisation’s innovation journey. With practical insights, this talk will share how fostering a culture of improvement and seamless teamwork are key ingredients to...
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Edwige Fiaclou

Agile Project Portfolio Management in R&D

How can an R&D organization with several hundred employees react to the market in an agile way? How do we ensure that we invest in the right projects for our...
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Till Kuehn
12:15 - 13:30


Innovate Innovation – How Innovation Management Always Stays Young

Put people at the center. Formulate an innovation thesis. The two-sided innovation organization.
Sebastian Grimm

Metrologists Challenges in a Digital World

Frontiers between the digits and the nature. Current challenges for metrologists. Centralised trust in a distributed world. Algorithm and AI certification.
Dr. Fabiano Assi

Transformation in R&D Execution and Cultural Change

Why do you want to Transform your R&D at all? Isn’t everything just fine with the Waterfall driven approach? A short introduction to Agile and the differences to waterfall methods...
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Andreas Schweiger
15:00 - 15:15

Networking Sessions / Coffee break

Innovation in Digital Health with Patient-centric Approach for R&D

Understanding Healthcare 4.0. Data-Driven Excellence in R&D for Healthcare 4.0. Challenge and Ethical considerations. Future Trends.
Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard

Examining AI Applications in a Conservative Environment Utilizing Agile Innovation

Use cases of Big Data, ML and AI in Research & Development. Challenges of applying AI on the basis of (un)structured data. Successfully implementing AI exploiting Agile Innovation. Looking beyond...
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Matthias Glätzle

Waking up to the Digital World: Chances and Challenges for Knowledge Management in R&D

Knowledge Management has evolved with advanced search techniques including Ontologies and AI-Systems. Successful Knowledge Management requires considering changing organizational habits and motivations to be effective. The importance of dealing with...
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Jens Koehler